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Chapter 13: Vagabonds

The freight train they hopped to get away from the toxic chain arrays speeds across the desert, too fast to jump off. Cassie, Jet, Sly and Memyselfandi are captive until the train stops in a place where they are most definitely not welcome!

Chapter 11: The Valley of the Narsies

Venturing into the Valley of the Narsies, Cassie, Jet, Sly and Memyselfandi are seized and suspected of poaching the Count’s villa. Then, in the midst of hosting the Janus Event, the Count and his guests are set upon by unwelcome visitors.

Chapter 5: Queen Mavis

Cassie meets the fantastical denizens of Inthalassa: the Revellers and the mysterious Queen Mavis. Queen Mavis demonstrates her awesome magical power, then presents Cassie with a strange object and an even stranger challenge.