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Chapter 18: At the Heart of the Skirling Lies a Reclusive Spider

As luck would have it, the Skirlings chance upon Cassie, Jet, Sly, Memyselfandi and Assam. But their reputation as hostile warriors seems unfounded when they provide a tour of their encampment and invite them to an exquisite banquet.

Chapter 16: What’s So Damn Funny?

As they journey across the desert, Assam tells Cassie, Sly and Memyselfandi a little more about himself. Eventually, they come to a fork in the path where they must choose between two ways, each one posing its own risks.

Chapter 13: Vagabonds

The freight train they hopped to get away from the toxic chain arrays speeds across the desert, too fast to jump off. Cassie, Jet, Sly and Memyselfandi are captive until the train stops in a place where they are most definitely not welcome!