The Music

To avoid—or at least minimize—thorny copyright issues, almost all the music in The Blizzard of Osborn podcast is original, composed by Michael Sheen Cuddy. Occasionally, a piece of music may have been obtained from another source. In such cases there is a citation for the relevant episode noting the composer, title, performance, or other details about the sampled music.

Sound Effects (SFX)
Many of the sound effects used in this podcast were sourced from the great open source site, (

Chapter 2: 100-Year Blizzard – Bela Bartok, Concerto for Orchestra, SZ 116, Introduzione. Charles Dutoit, Montreal Symphony Orchestra, 1988 (07:30 – 08:05).

Chapter 3: Punishment – Broadcast excerpts from radio station KXGT, Thunder 106.1 & 98.3 were sourced from (public domain). Portions of the broadcasts in the background include Vince Gill, “When I Call Your Name” (~05:35) and George Strait, “Carried Away” (~07:30).

Chapter 11: The Valley of the Narsies – J.S. Bach: The Art of Fugue – Fuga A 2 Clavier (07:00-08:00; 10:06-12:16)

– Nino Rota: soundtrack from Federico Fellini’s Juliet of the Spirits (13:10-13:58)


– Windy marina (01:30-04:50): A blend of sounds, one of which came from

– Ambience, large crowd (14:05-14:42): by InspectorJ ( of

– Cricket-night-ambience (15:08-15:37): by InspectorJ ( of

– Electric zap (14:20): created by layering these three sounds together: ; ;

Chapter 12: The Far Side – SFX: Some jungle background sound was sourced from Mike The Tunk Woloszyn via

Chapter 13: Vagabonds – SFX: The background sound, “Footsteps, Dry Leaves, D.wav” came from InspectorJ ( of

Chapter 17: The Labyrinth – SFX: The background sound, “slow footsteps in a gorge” (01:33 – 01:39) was recorded and provided by Arnaud Coutancier via

Chapter 18: At the Heart of the Skirling Lies a Reclusive Spider – Atmospheric music sampled from global radio broadcast website, Radiogarden (

Chapter 19: The Usher Launch – Atmospheric music sampled from global radio broadcast website, Radiogarden (

Chapter 27: A Very Simple Test

SFX – Background office sounds: The Office by Iwan Gabovitch under CC-BY 3.0 License. Sourced from

Chapter 28: The SED

(03:04-03:26) John Adams, The Chairman Dances (Foxtrot for Orchestra), San Francisco Symphony, Edo DeWaart conducting.
(05:15-05:36) John Adams: Short Ride in a Fast Machine, San Francisco Symphony, Edo DeWaart conducting.
(08:17-08:41) Nino Rota: Juliet of the Sprits soundtrack.